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The Saudi split – a motive for 9/11?

September 3, 2013   —   A little known conflict between the United States and Saudi Arabia in summer 2001 sheds new light on 9/11. What role did the tensions back then play? And why did the attacks occur actually in early September? Weiterlesen

Radar loss on 9/11

April 2013   —   The „Journal of 9/11 Studies“ published my analysis of flight American 77, the plane that disappeared on 9/11 for some time in an area of poor radar coverage, see here.

The 9/11 plan: Cheney, Rumsfeld and the „Continuity of Government“

„If a mandarinate ruled America, the recruiting committee on September 11 would have had to find someone like Cheney.“ Washington Post author Barton Gellman in his book „Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency“

January 28, 2013   —   Terrorism. Emergency plans. Political careers. The history of 9/11 can be written from many angles. But whatever point of view is chosen, Dick Cheney is a central figure. „Principle is okay up to a certain point“, he once said, „but principle doesn´t do any good if you lose the nomination“. He´s surely an elusive character. Not less than Donald Rumsfeld, his close companion. Both of their lifes are inseperably bound with a dark side of recent American history. The core of the following story was originally told by the authors James Mann and Peter Dale Scott whose thorough research is deeply appreciated. Yet a lot of background information was added. Thus a bigger picture slowly took shape, showing a plan and its actors … Weiterlesen